Industrial Trade observatory Services/Activities

The main activities in this project
- Collecting, processing and dissemination of macroeconomic sectoral data on enterprises

- Carrying out sectoral/ chain value surveys and progressively providing reference information on competitiveness.

- Regularly assessing of the national (and regional) economic competitiveness and of the body of Enterprises

- Studying conditions to harmonization of identification of methodologies for collecting processing of data so as to eliminate the inconsistencies in the data provided by various sources in the country such as BNR, NISR, RRA, etc..

- Providing training to key stakeholders in the use of World Integrated Trade Solutions (WITS) software used for processing data from COMTRADE statistics.

- Taking into account international standards to enable relevant comparisons, sharing this information on the MINICOM/ITO website to be designed by the observatory.

- Serving as transformation facility for watching, prospecting and strategic counseling or developing structural transformation policies that can serve to inspire industrial governance.

- Forming a the monitoring and regular reporting of the country’s industrial performance and capabilities and thus providing the basis for informed policy decisions on industrial development issues.

- Supporting the planning department with the monitoring and evaluation using selected indicators on implementation of the industrial and trade policies and strategies.

- Developing strong Industrial policy think tanks, intelligence platforms and/or analytical/study Units and Industrial Governance Network

- Organize and conduct seminars to strengthen industrial governance capacities for stakeholders including district committees

- Supporting the Ministry of Trade in capacity building in policy formulation, industrial governance, industrial diagnosis and competitiveness analysis.

- Production of regular industrial snapshots, annual industrial capacity and performance reports,and carrying out industrial sector surveys in line with the Ministry’s strategic plan.

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