UNIDO and KIST launch Meat processing project

The United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) in conjunction with Kigali Institute of Science and Technology yesterday launched a pilot meat processing facility at the KIST premises in Remera.

The facility is one of the UN-funded projects of capacity building and skills development for academics and meat processing through demonstration, hands on training and technology transfer services.

Speaking at the event, Monique Nsanzabaganwa, Minister of Trade and Industry, hailed the initiative saying that it is an eye opener and shows huge challenges but is also an inspiration to Rwandans to set up their own meat processing facilities.

“The meat processing facility is very important for employment creation, and a market for people who raise cattle,” she said.

Dr. David Tommy, UNIDO Representative to Ethiopia, Rwanda and Burundi, said that the project is very important because it demonstrates the synergies and abilities of the people with regard to sustainable development.

“It creates a mushroom of employment from the farmer to the business people, and creates technology transfer as well as placing emphasis on competitive production,” he stressed.

Tommy added that the production of quality meat requires training, and the facility will change people’s mentality with regard to meat production and processing in the country. According to the Rector of KIST, Prof. Abraham Atta Ogwu, the pilot project will promote the processing of safe quality meat and strengthen the value chain.

“It will help KIST students obtain skills through training, and Rwandan entrepreneurs will learn modern meat processing technologies,” he said.

“This will equip them with skills in the field of modern meat processing and value addition so as to promote production, marketing and consumption of meat products in Rwanda”.

The meat processing plant demonstrates minimum standard requirements for meat handling and processing, and is equipped with modern machines, meat additives and packaging materials.

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